Greek musicians died at 76

Here are 13 famous musicians from Greece died at 76:

Constantin Carathéodory

Constantin Carathéodory (September 13, 1873 Berlin-February 2, 1950 Munich) also known as Constantin Caratheodory or Carathéodory Constantin was a Greek mathematician, teacher and engineer. He had two children, Stephanos Carathéodory and Despina Carathéodory.

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Giannis Agouris

Giannis Agouris (July 20, 1930-August 1, 2006 Athens) was a Greek writer and journalist.

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George Tsimbidaros-Fteris

George Tsimbidaros-Fteris (September 14, 1891 Mani Peninsula-September 14, 1967) was a Greek writer, critic, journalist and translator.

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Theo Angelopoulos

Theo Angelopoulos (April 27, 1935 Athens-January 24, 2012 Piraeus) also known as Theo, Theodoros "Theo" Angelopoulos, Thodoros Angelopoulos or Théo Angelopoulos was a Greek film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. He had three children, Katerina Angelopoulou, Anna Angelopoulou and Eleni Angelopoulou.

He died in accident.

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Dimitris Horn

Dimitris Horn (March 9, 1921 Athens-January 16, 1998 Athens) was a Greek actor.

His most important albums: Dimitris Horn.

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Alekos Alexandrakis

Alekos Alexandrakis (November 27, 1928 Athens-November 8, 2005 Athens) otherwise known as Alecos Alexandrakis was a Greek actor and film director. His children are called Vasias Alexandrakis and Johanna Alexandrakis.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Kostas Manoussakis

Kostas Manoussakis (January 1, 1929 Alexandroupoli-August 26, 2005 Athens) was a Greek screenwriter and film director.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Manos Katrakis

Manos Katrakis (August 14, 1908 Kissamos-September 2, 1984 Athens) also known as Emmanuel Katrakis or Emmanouil Katrakis was a Greek actor.

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Sotiria Bellou

Sotiria Bellou (August 22, 1921 Euboea-August 27, 1997 Athens) a.k.a. Bellou, Sotiria or Soteria Belou was a Greek singer.

Her albums include , , , Ta Rebetika Tis Sotirias Bellou: No. 4, Sotiria Bellou, , , Sotiria Bellou Vol. 3, Ta Rebetika Tis Sotirias Bellou: No. 1 and Ta Rebetika Tis Sotirias Bellou: No. 2. Her related genres: Rebetiko.

She died in cancer.

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Orestis Makris

Orestis Makris (September 30, 1898 Chalcis-January 29, 1975 Athens) was a Greek actor and singer.

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Nick Dennis

Nick Dennis (April 26, 1904 Thessaly-November 14, 1980 Los Angeles) also known as Nicholas Dennis was a Greek actor.

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Peter Charanis

Peter Charanis (August 15, 1908 Lemnos-March 23, 1985 New Brunswick) was a Greek historian.

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Dimitri Papadimos

Dimitri Papadimos (May 1, 1918 Cairo-May 3, 1994 Athens) was a Greek photographer.

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