Greek musicians died at 80

Here are 7 famous musicians from Greece died at 80:

Lykourgos Krestenitis

Lykourgos Krestenitis (April 5, 1793 Pyrgos-April 5, 1873 Pyrgos) was a Greek personality.

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Georgios Papadopoulos

Georgios Papadopoulos (May 5, 1919 Elaiochori, Achaea-June 27, 1999 Greece) was a Greek politician, military officer and soldier. His children are , and .

He died as a result of cancer.

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Georgios Papandreou

Georgios Papandreou (February 13, 1888 Kalentzi-November 1, 1968 Athens) was a Greek economist and politician. He had two children, Andreas Papandreou and Georgios G. Papandreou.

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Nikos Gatsos

Nikos Gatsos (December 8, 1911 Asea, Greece-May 12, 1992 Athens) was a Greek poet, translator and lyricist.

His albums include Skotini Mitera, , , Epistrofi, Tis Gis to Xrisafi, Ta paraloga, , and Antikatoptrismi.

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Panos Papadopulos

Panos Papadopulos (August 1, 1920 Greece-February 18, 2001 Munich) a.k.a. Panos Papadopoulos was a Greek actor.

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Manolis Anagnostakis

Manolis Anagnostakis (March 10, 1925 Thessaloniki-June 23, 2005 Athens) a.k.a. Μανόλης Αναγνωστάκης was a Greek poet and critic.

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Kostas Giannidis

Kostas Giannidis (August 21, 1903 İzmir-January 17, 1984 Athens) also known as Costas Yannidis, Giannis Konstantinidis, Yannis Konstantinidis, Kostas Yannidis, Κώστας Γιαννίδης or Γιάννης Κωνσταντινίδης was a Greek musician, singer-songwriter, composer, conductor, pianist and film score composer.

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