Guatemalan music stars who deceased at age 67

Here are 2 famous musicians from Guatemala died at 67:

Jorge Ubico

Jorge Ubico (November 10, 1878 Guatemala City-June 14, 1946 New Orleans) was a Guatemalan personality.

He served as the President of Guatemala from 1931 to 1944. During his time in office, Ubico implemented several modernization programs and infrastructure projects, such as building hospitals, schools, and roads. However, his regime was also known for its authoritarianism and repression of civil liberties. He censored the press, disbanded labor unions, and outlawed political parties. His rule came to an end after a popular uprising in 1944, and he was forced to resign and go into exile. Ubico died in New Orleans in 1946. Despite his controversial legacy, he is remembered for his contributions to modernizing Guatemala and improving its infrastructure.

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Juan Federico Ponce Vaides

Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (August 26, 1889 Guatemala-November 16, 1956) was a Guatemalan personality.

He was a lawyer, politician, and writer who served as President of Guatemala from 1944 to 1945. Ponce Vaides was known for his authoritarian rule and his support for the military, which led to several armed uprisings during his presidency. After he was overthrown in 1945, he went into exile in El Salvador and later in New Orleans, where he lived until his death in 1956. Despite his controversial rule, Ponce Vaides was also recognized as a prolific writer and journalist, and he played an important role in shaping the cultural and political landscape of Guatemala during his lifetime.

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