Guinean actresses died in 2008

Here are 1 famous actresses from Guinea died in 2008:

Katoucha Niane

Katoucha Niane (October 23, 1960 Conakry-February 2, 2008 Paris) a.k.a. Katoucha, The Peul Princess or The Black Princess was a Guinean model and actor. She had one child, Amy Niane.

Katoucha Niane began her modeling career in the early 1980s, walking for numerous fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Thierry Mugler. She quickly rose to fame in the fashion world, known for her striking beauty and unique look. She later transitioned into acting, starring in films like "I Love You Baby" and "The Goddess of 1967".

Aside from her successful career, Katoucha was also known for her activism and dedication to human rights. She was a vocal advocate for the end of female genital mutilation (FGM) and worked towards the eradication of the practice in Africa. Sadly, she disappeared in 2008 and her body was found two months later in the River Seine in Paris. Her death was ruled as accidental drowning, but some speculate foul play. Her legacy and contributions to the fashion and human rights industry continue to be remembered and celebrated.

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