Haitian musicians died at 37

Here are 1 famous musicians from Haiti died at 37:

Jacques Roumain

Jacques Roumain (June 4, 1907 Port-au-Prince-August 18, 1944 Port-au-Prince) was a Haitian writer, journalist, politician and novelist.

Considered one of the most prominent figures in Haitian literature, Jacques Roumain played a significant role in the country's intellectual and political sphere. He co-founded the Haitian Communist Party and was an advocate for the promotion of Haitian culture and the empowerment of the Haitian people. Roumain's most notable work, "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" ("Masters of the Dew"), is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Caribbean literature and tells the story of a peasant uprising against the landowners. His advocacy for social justice and his contribution to Haitian literature has had a significant impact and inspired many artists and writers in Haiti and beyond.

Roumain was born to a politically prominent family in Haiti, his father being the president of the Haitian Senate. He attended school in Haiti and later in France where he studied agronomy, a subject that would later inform his writing. Roumain was heavily influenced by the works of the French existentialists, especially Jean-Paul Sartre.

In addition to his literary work, Roumain was involved in Haitian politics as a member of the Marxist movement. He co-founded the Haitian Communist Party and was actively involved in political protests and demonstrations. He was imprisoned several times for his political involvement and had to flee the country at one point to avoid persecution.

Roumain's writing explored the themes of social justice, poverty, and the lives of the Haitian peasantry, who he believed were marginalized and exploited by the country's ruling elite. His book "Gouverneurs de la Rosée" remains one of the most widely read and celebrated Haitian novels of all time, and has been translated into several languages.

Roumain's legacy continues to live on in Haiti and beyond. His work has inspired generations of writers and activists, and he is remembered as a champion of the Haitian people and a voice for social justice.

Roumain's influence extended beyond writing and politics, as he was also a prominent cultural figure in Haiti. He was a founding member of the Bureau of Ethnology, which was dedicated to preserving and promoting Haitian folklore and cultural traditions. Roumain believed that Haitian culture was an essential part of the country's identity and should be celebrated and preserved. He worked to bring Haitian music, dance, and art to wider audiences and helped to establish the first Haitian national museum. Roumain's commitment to promoting Haitian culture remains an essential part of his legacy, and his contributions to the country's artistic and cultural movements continue to be recognized today. In addition to his cultural and political work, Roumain was also a journalist and editor, writing for several Haitian newspapers and magazines. His commitment to social justice and his advocacy for the rights of the marginalized and oppressed remain essential to his legacy, and his work continues to inspire activists and writers today.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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