Hongkongese actors born in 1980

Here are 6 famous actors from Hong Kong were born in 1980:

Alex Fong

Alex Fong (February 26, 1980 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 方力申, Alex Fong, ¤è¤O¥Ó, Fong, Alex, Lik-Sun Fong, Lishen Fang, Little Flying Fish, Siu Fong, Prince of Swimming, Foo Lik, Alex Fu, Fong Chung-San, Fang Zhong-Xin or Alex Fong Lik-Sun is a Hongkongese swimmer, singer and actor.

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Wong Cho-lam

Wong Cho-lam (January 9, 1980 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Cho-lam Wong, 王祖藍, Wong Cho-Lam, Wáng Zǔlán, wong4 zou2 laam4, ChoLam or Mr Credit is a Hongkongese actor, lyricist, presenter, comedian, impressionist and singer.

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Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse (August 29, 1980 Hong Kong-) also known as Xie T'ingfeng, Tse, Nicholas, Lemon, Nic Tse, Ting-Fung Tse, Tingfeng Xie, Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung, Tse Ting-Fung, Nic or Ting-Fung Tse Nicholas is a Hongkongese composer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, record producer and businessperson. He has two children, Lucas Tse and Quintus Tse.

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Kenny Kwan

Kenny Kwan (December 30, 1980 Philippines-) also known as 關智斌, 关智斌, Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun, Kwan Chi Ban, Kenny W. Kwan Jr. or Ban Zai is a Hongkongese model, actor and singer-songwriter.

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Edison Chen

Edison Chen (October 7, 1980 Vancouver-) also known as Chan Kwoon Hei, Edison Chan, Chen Guan Xi, Chen Guanxi, Chen Koon Hei, Koon Hei Chen, Edison Chan Koon Hei, Edison Chen Koon Hei, Chan Koon Hei, Guan Xi Chen, EDC, Chen Hing-Wah, Can4 Gun3 hei1, Edison Koon-Hei Chen, Chén Guānxī, Chen Xing Hua, Eddie or Illkid is a Hongkongese singer, record producer, actor, fashion designer, musician and entrepreneur.

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Lai Lok-yi

Lai Lok-yi (June 15, 1980 Hong Kong-) is a Hongkongese actor.

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