Hungarian actors born in 1944

Here are 14 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1944:

Lajos Kovács

Lajos Kovács (February 9, 1944 Bátaszék-) a.k.a. Lajos Kovacs, Kovacs Lajos, Jack or Szacsvay-László Fehér is a Hungarian actor. His children are called Vanda Kovács and Dávid Kovács.

István Kovács

István Kovács (May 7, 1944 Budapest-) a.k.a. István Kováts is a Hungarian actor. He has three children, Zsófia Kovács, Dániel Kovács and Domonkos Kovács.

Iván Dengyel

Iván Dengyel (May 10, 1944 Oradea-) also known as Ivan Dengyel is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

Péter Dobai

Péter Dobai (August 12, 1944 Budapest-) also known as Dobai Péter is a Hungarian screenwriter, actor, poet, writer, playwright and film director.

István Iglódi

István Iglódi (April 29, 1944 Magyarbóly-December 2, 2009 Budapest) otherwise known as Iglódy István was a Hungarian actor, television director, film director and theatre director.

László Tahi-Tóth

László Tahi-Tóth (January 23, 1944 Budapest-) a.k.a. Tahi-Tóth László is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

József Böjte

József Böjte (September 1, 1944 Vác-) is a Hungarian film producer, film director, actor and screenwriter.

László Konter

László Konter (April 12, 1944 Szeged-) also known as Laszlo Konter is a Hungarian actor.

Balázs Hantos

Balázs Hantos (March 17, 1944 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor.

Jenõ Kiss

Jenõ Kiss (June 7, 1944 Görcsöny-) also known as Kis Jenõ or Jenö Kis is a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Gergely Kiss.

Péter Huszti

Péter Huszti (May 4, 1944 Budapest-) otherwise known as Huszty Péter is a Hungarian actor.

Zoltán Papp

Zoltán Papp (January 31, 1944 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

István Fogarasi

István Fogarasi (December 22, 1944 Csönge-March 2, 2008 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor. He had one child, Gergely Fogarasi.

André José Adler

André José Adler (June 21, 1944 Budapest-December 9, 2012 São Paulo) also known as Endre József Adler, Bandi or TouchDown was a Hungarian actor, screenwriter, film director, television director, television producer, sports commentator and journalist.

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