Hungarian actors born in 1948

Here are 6 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1948:

András Kern

András Kern (January 28, 1948 Budapest-) also known as Kern András or Kern Andras is a Hungarian actor, screenwriter, singer, comedian, voice actor, writer and film director.

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György Cserhalmi

György Cserhalmi (February 17, 1948 Budapest-) otherwise known as Cserhalmi György is a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Sára Cserhalmi.

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Péter Andorai

Péter Andorai (April 25, 1948 Budapest-) a.k.a. Peter Andorai, Andorai Péter or Péter Klócza is a Hungarian actor. He has one child, Péter Andorai Jr..

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Tamás Wichmann

Tamás Wichmann (February 4, 1948 Budapest-) also known as Tamas Wichmann is a Hungarian actor.

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János Gálvölgyi

János Gálvölgyi (May 26, 1948 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor, screenwriter and voice actor. His children are called Eszter Gálvölgyi and Dóra Gálvölgyi.

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László Helyey

László Helyey (May 21, 1948 Újpest-January 3, 2014 Budapest) otherwise known as László Helyei or Helyei László was a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

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