Hungarian actors born in 1950

Here are 5 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1950:

István Mikó

István Mikó (October 22, 1950 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor, voice actor, theatre director and musician.

Gábor Koltay

Gábor Koltay (February 9, 1950 Budapest-) a.k.a. Koltai Gábor is a Hungarian film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. He has two children, András Koltay and Anna Koltay.

Gábor Ferenczi

Gábor Ferenczi (May 7, 1950 Budapest-) also known as Ferenczi Gábor, Ferenczy Gábor or Gábor Ferenczy is a Hungarian actor, film director and screenwriter.

Joe Bugner

Joe Bugner (March 13, 1950 Szőreg-) otherwise known as József Kreul Bugner, József Kreul "Joe" Bugner, Aussie Joe, The Greek God or Joseph Bugner is a Hungarian professional boxer and actor. He has one child, J.A. Bugner.

Imre Csiszár

Imre Csiszár (November 7, 1950 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor and theatre director. He has one child, Virág Csiszár.

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