Hungarian actors died in 1959

Here are 1 famous actors from Hungary died in 1959:

Pál Fekete

Pál Fekete (November 4, 1900 Budapest-January 3, 1959 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor and opera singer.

He began his career in the 1920s as an operatic baritone at the Hungarian State Opera, but later transitioned to acting and performed in numerous films and plays throughout his career. Fekete was known for his versatile acting skills, playing both comedic and serious roles. He was awarded the Kossuth Prize posthumously in 1960 for his contributions to Hungarian culture. In addition to his performances, Fekete also translated several plays into Hungarian and was a published writer of short stories and memoirs. Fekete married actress and opera singer Lola Pataki and they had two children together.

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