Hungarian actors died in 1970

Here are 1 famous actors from Hungary died in 1970:

Kálmán Latabár

Kálmán Latabár (November 24, 1902 Kecskemét-January 11, 1970 Budapest) otherwise known as id. Latabár Kálmán, Kálmán id. Latabár, Latyi or id. Kálmán Latabár was a Hungarian comedian and actor. He had one child, Kálmán Latabár.

Latabár began his career in the 1920s as a singer and actor in various theaters and cabarets. He gained fame for his comedic performances on stage and in film, often portraying lovable, bumbling characters. His most notable roles include Uncle Taki in the film "Szegény gazdagok" (Poor Rich People) and Jenő Rejtő's character, Vili bácsi in "Az ellopott cirkusz" (The Stolen Circus).

Despite his success, Latabár's personal life was marked by tragedy. His first wife passed away in 1934 and he was conscripted into the Hungarian Army during World War II. He also faced political persecution during the Communist era due to his connection to the pre-war Hungarian aristocracy.

Following his death in 1970, Latabár's legacy as a beloved performer endured. In his honor, the Municipal Theatre of Kecskemét (his hometown) was renamed the Latabár Kálmán Theatre.

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