Hungarian actresses died in 1954

Here are 1 famous actresses from Hungary died in 1954:

Giza Mészáros

Giza Mészáros (November 15, 1879 Újpest-November 17, 2014 Paris) was a Hungarian actor.

Throughout her career, Giza Mészáros appeared in over 200 films and theater productions, earning critical acclaim for her talent and versatility. She was a prominent figure in the Hungarian film industry during the silent era, and her work ranged from comedy to drama. After the rise of Nazi Germany, Mészáros immigrated to France, where she continued to act until her retirement in 1966. In addition to her acting career, Mészáros was also an accomplished painter and sculptor. She lived to be 135 years old, making her one of the oldest people in recorded history.

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