Hungarian music stars died at age 28

Here are 3 famous musicians from Hungary died at 28:

Gyula Breyer

Gyula Breyer (April 30, 1893 Budapest-November 9, 1921 Bratislava) was a Hungarian personality.

Gyula Breyer was a chess player and journalist who was considered one of the greatest players of his time. He won the Hungarian Chess Championship four times and represented Hungary in six Chess Olympiads. He was also a prolific chess writer, contributing to many publications and editing his own chess magazine, Magyar Sakkvilág. Breyer is known for his innovative chess strategies and the Breyer variation of the Ruy Lopez opening is named after him. Despite his success, Breyer's life was cut tragically short when he contracted pneumonia and died at the age of 28. He was posthumously awarded the title of International Master by FIDE in 1950.

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Tibor Szamuely

Tibor Szamuely (December 27, 1890 Nyíregyháza-August 2, 1919 Lichtenwörth) was a Hungarian politician.

He was a prominent figure in the Hungarian Communist Party and participated in the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. Szamuely served as the People's Commissar for Military Affairs and played a key role in organizing the Red Terror, a period of brutal repression against political opponents and counter-revolutionary forces. He was known for his radicalism and was feared by many in Hungary at the time. Szamuely died in a shootout with Austrian soldiers while attempting to flee to the Soviet Union following the collapse of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Despite his controversial reputation, he remains a significant figure in Hungarian history and leftist politics.

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Anita Kulcsár

Anita Kulcsár (October 2, 1976 Szerencs-January 19, 2005 Pusztaszabolcs) was a Hungarian personality.

She was primarily known for being a model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Hungary in 1999 and went on to represent her country in the Miss World pageant that same year. Kulcsár was also a successful fashion model, working for several well-known brands and appearing on magazine covers. Outside of her modeling career, Kulcsár was actively involved in charity work, particularly for causes related to children's health. Unfortunately, she passed away at the young age of 28 due to complications from a heart condition. Her legacy lives on as a beloved figure in Hungarian popular culture.

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