Hungarian music stars died at age 41

Here are 4 famous musicians from Hungary died at 41:

Coloman, King of Hungary

Coloman, King of Hungary (April 5, 1074 Székesfehérvár-February 3, 1116 Székesfehérvár) was a Hungarian personality. He had three children, Stephen II of Hungary, Boris Kalamanos and Sophia.

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János Garay

János Garay (October 10, 1812 Szekszárd-November 5, 1853 Pest, Hungary) also known as Janos Garay was a Hungarian writer.

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Máté Zalka

Máté Zalka (April 23, 1896 Austria-Hungary-June 11, 1937 Huesca) was a Hungarian writer.

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Béla Kondor

Béla Kondor (February 17, 1931-December 12, 1972) a.k.a. Bela Kondor was a Hungarian photographer.

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