Indian movie stars died at 20

Here are 2 famous actors from India died at 20:

Jalal Agha

Jalal Agha (April 5, 2015-March 5, 1995 New Delhi) also known as Shri Jalal Agha or Late Jalal Agha was an Indian actor, film director and television director. He had two children, Vanessa Feuerstein and Saleem Christopher Agha Bee.

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N. N. Pillai

N. N. Pillai (April 5, 2015 Vaikom-April 5, 1995) also known as N.N.Pillai was an Indian playwright, actor, theatre director and orator. He had three children, Vijayaraghavan, Sulochana Pillai and Renuka Pillai.

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