Indian movie stars died in 1968

Here are 3 famous actors from India died in 1968:

Ghulam Mohammed

Ghulam Mohammed (November 27, 2014 Bikaner-March 17, 1968 Mumbai) also known as Mohammed, Ghulam, Ghulam Mahomed, Late Ghulam Mohammed, Gulam Mohammed, Ghulam Mohammad, Ghulam Mohmed, Gulam Mohd., Gulam Mohomed, Gulam Mahomed, Gulam Mohmed, Ghulem Mohammad, Ghulam Mohammed, Gulam Mohmed Jr., Master Gulam Mohamed or Master Ghulam Mohamed was an Indian composer, film score composer, actor and percussionist.

He started his career as a tabla player in All India Radio and later moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) to pursue a career in the film industry. In 1946, he made his debut as a music composer with the film "Majboor". He went on to compose music for over 100 films in the following decades, including the classics "Mirza Ghalib" (1954) and "Pakeezah" (1972). He was known for his use of classical Indian music in his compositions and his ability to bring out the emotions of the characters in his films. He was also a gifted actor and appeared in a few films, including "Baiju Bawra" (1952) and "Daera" (1953). Ghulam Mohammed passed away at the age of 53 due to a heart attack.

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Puvvula Suri Babu

Puvvula Suri Babu (February 22, 1915 Gudivada-February 12, 1968 India) a.k.a. Suri Babu P., P. Suri Babu, Kanchu Kantham Suri Babu, P. Suribabu or Suribabu was an Indian actor, record producer and singer.

He appeared in over 50 films predominantly in Telugu cinema. Some of his notable movies include 'Nirdoshi', 'Manchi Manasulu', 'Vinudu Vinudu Ramayana Gaatha', and 'Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha'.

Apart from his acting career, Suri Babu was also a successful record producer and singer. He established his own record label called 'Surabhi Records' and has produced and sung in many popular Telugu devotional albums.

Suri Babu was known for his versatile performances and had a huge fan following during his time. He passed away at the age of 52 due to a heart attack. His contribution to the Telugu film industry and music industry is still remembered and celebrated by his fans and admirers.

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Banda Kanakalingeshwara Rao

Banda Kanakalingeshwara Rao (January 20, 1907 Atapaka-December 3, 1968) was an Indian actor.

He predominantly appeared in Telugu films and became a popular character actor in the 1950s and 1960s. Banda Kanakalingeshwara Rao started his career as a stage artist and later moved to the film industry. He acted in more than 200 films and played diverse roles ranging from comedian to villain. Some of his notable films include "Devadasu", "Mayabazar", "Missamma", "Babruvahana", "Patala Bhairavi", and "Manchi Manushulu". He was also a member of the Indian National Congress and played a significant role in the Indian independence movement. Banda Kanakalingeshwara Rao was awarded the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award posthumously for his contribution to Telugu cinema in 2000.

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