Indian movie stars died in 1971

Here are 5 famous actors from India died in 1971:


Sathyan (November 9, 1912 Nagercoil-June 15, 1971 Chennai) a.k.a. Manuel Sathyaneshan Nadar, Sathyaneshan Nadar, Sathyanesan, Manuel Sathyaneshan, Sathyan Mash or Sathyan Master was an Indian teacher, soldier, actor and inspector. He had three children, Prakash Nadar, Sathish Nadar and Jeevan Nadar.

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Debaki Bose

Debaki Bose (November 25, 1898 Bardhaman-November 17, 1971 Kolkata) also known as Debaki Kumar Bose, Debaki Kumar Basu or Debaki Basu was an Indian film director, screenwriter, actor and writer.

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Keshavrao Date

Keshavrao Date (November 27, 1889 Ratnagiri-September 13, 1971 Mumbai) also known as K. Date, Keshavrao or Shri Date was an Indian actor and film director.

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Vedantam Raghavaiah

Vedantam Raghavaiah (November 27, 2014 Krishna district-November 27, 1971) was an Indian film director, actor, film producer and choreography. He had one child, Shubha.

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Nigel Barrie

Nigel Barrie (February 5, 1889 Kolkata-October 8, 1971 London) a.k.a. Roynon Cholmondeley Nigel-Jones was an Indian actor.

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