Indian movie stars born in 1951

Here are 6 famous actresses from India were born in 1951:

Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman (November 19, 1951 Mumbai-) also known as Babushka or Smt. Zeenat Aman is an Indian actor, journalist and model. She has two children, Zahaan Khan and Azaan Khan.

Zeenat Aman made her acting debut with the film Hulchul in 1971 and went on to become one of the leading actresses of the Indian film industry in the 70s and 80s. Her breakthrough role came in the film Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), where she played the role of Janice, a hippie girl. She won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in this film.

Zeenat Aman was known for her bold and unconventional roles in films and was one of the first actresses to break the stereotype of the "good girl" in Bollywood. She did several successful films like Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973), Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (1974), Don (1978), and The Great Gambler (1979), among others.

Apart from acting, Zeenat Aman was also a successful model and was the first South Asian woman to win the Miss Asia Pacific International title in 1970. She was also a journalist and wrote columns for The Times of India and Savvy magazine.

Zeenat Aman was briefly married to actor Mazhar Khan in the 80s and has two sons from her marriage. She continues to be an icon in the Indian film industry and has received several awards for her contributions to cinema.

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Bindu (April 17, 1951 Valsad-) also known as Bindu Nanubhai Desai, Bindu Champaklal Zaveri or Bindu Desai is an Indian actor.

She made her acting debut in the 1968 film Ittefaq and went on to act in over 160 films in Hindi and other languages. Bindu is well-known for her roles as a villain and has received critical acclaim for her performances in films like Imtihaan, Amar Akbar Anthony, and Zanjeer. In addition to acting, she has also been a judge on several reality shows, including Indian Idol and Comedy Circus. Despite facing criticism and controversy throughout her career, Bindu is considered a trailblazer for women in the Indian film industry and has been honored with several awards for her contributions to the field of acting.

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Rohini Hattangadi

Rohini Hattangadi (April 11, 1951 Pune-) also known as Rohini Hatangadi, Rohini Hatangadhy, Rohini Hattangdi, Rohini Hattengadi, Rohini Hattangady or Rohini Oak is an Indian actor. She has one child, Aseem Hattangadi.

Rohini Hattangadi is a renowned Indian actor who has made a significant contribution to Indian cinema with her versatile and power-packed performances. Born on April 11, 1951, in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Rohini began her acting career in Marathi theatre and later made her debut in Hindi films with the movie "Gandhi" in 1982. However, it was her role as Kasturba Gandhi in the movie that brought her widespread recognition and earned her the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She then went on to impress audiences with her stellar performances in several critically acclaimed movies like "Saaransh," "Party," "Arth," and "Agneepath." Rohini has acted in over 80 Hindi films, 40 Marathi films, and several TV shows. She has also acted in Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam cinema.

Apart from acting, Rohini is also actively involved in theatre and has performed in several plays. She has won several awards and accolades for her contribution to the Indian film industry, including three Filmfare Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Rohini is married to Anant Joshi and has a son named Aseem Hattangadi. Despite facing several personal tragedies, including the death of her husband and son, Rohini has continued to pursue her passion for acting and remains one of the most respected and talented actors in Indian cinema.

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Manjula (April 5, 1951 Tumkur-September 12, 1986 Bangalore) was an Indian actor. She had two children, Abhisek and Abhinaya.

Manjula made her debut as a child actor in the 1958 Kannada film, Jenu Goodu. She went on to act in over 100 films in Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil languages. Manjula was known for her versatile acting skills and had garnered praise for her performances in films like Kula Gourava, Edakallu Guddada Mele, and Mantralayam Mahatme.

Apart from acting, Manjula was also a trained classical dancer and had performed in many stage shows. She was a recipient of the prestigious Karnataka State Film Award for her roles in the films Bangarada Manushya and Paduvaaralli Pandavaru.

Sadly, Manjula passed away at a young age of 35 due to a heart attack. Her legacy, however, continued through her children Abhisek and Abhinaya, who followed in her footsteps and became actors in the Kannada film industry.

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Rama Vij

Rama Vij (May 9, 1951-) also known as Rama Viz is an Indian actor.

He primarily works in the Telugu film industry and is also known for his work in Tamil films. Rama Vij started his career in the late 1970s with the Telugu film "Bhadrachalam" and went on to act in several other popular films such as "Muthyamantha Muddu", "Kurukshetram" and "Chattamtho Porattam". He also made his mark in the Tamil film industry with films like "Aval Oru Thodar Kathai" and "Sri Raghavendra". In addition to his work in films, Rama Vij has also acted in a few TV serials.

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Telangana Sakuntala

Telangana Sakuntala (June 9, 1951 Maharashtra-June 14, 2014 Hyderabad) otherwise known as Sakuntala, Shakuntala, Telangana Sakuntala, 'Dhool' Sakunthala, Sornakka Sakunthala, Telangana Sakunthala or Telangana Shakuntala was an Indian actor.

She predominantly worked in Telugu cinema and appeared in over 100 films in a career spanning more than three decades. Sakuntala was known for her natural acting style and versatility, and she portrayed characters ranging from a loving mother to a cruel stepmother. She received critical acclaim for her performances in films such as "Swathi Kiranam", "Muddula Koduku", and "Bava Maradallu".

Sakuntala also acted in a few Tamil and Kannada films. In addition to acting, she was also trained in classical dance and performed in many stage shows. She was a recipient of the Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film "Swathi Kiranam".

Sakuntala was born in Maharashtra and started her acting career in the 1970s. She was an active member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and was known for her advocacy for social justice and women's rights. Sakuntala passed away in 2014 due to respiratory complications.

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