Indian movie stars died at 22

Here are 2 famous actresses from India died at 22:

Patience Cooper

Patience Cooper (April 5, 2015 Kolkata-April 5, 1993 Pakistan) a.k.a. Sabra Begum was an Indian actor. She had three children, Zeenat Cooper, Haleema Cooper and Syeda Nafees Rizvi.

Patience Cooper was born on April 5, 1915 in Kolkata, India. She started her career in the film industry with Kardar Productions in 1928. She then went on to appear in several other films like "Vachan" (1938), "Mumtaz Mahal" (1944), "Pugree" (1948), and "Ghar Ki Izzat" (1948) among others.

Cooper was known for her versatility as an actor and she was considered India's first female superstar. She was also one of the first actors in Indian cinema to be able to make the transition from silent films to talkies. Cooper was married to the Pakistani film director Roop K. Shorey.

After the partition of India in 1947, Cooper moved to Pakistan with her family. She continued to act in Pakistani films and became a popular figure in the country. She received several awards for her work, including the prestigious Nigar Award.

Patience Cooper passed away on April 6, 1993 in Pakistan, on her 78th birthday. She is remembered as one of the pioneers of Indian cinema and a trailblazer for female actors.

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Mayoori (April 5, 1983 Kolkata-June 16, 2005 Chennai) a.k.a. Shalini or Mayuri was an Indian actor.

She started her acting career at the age of 14 with the Malayalam film "Nizhalkuthu" directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. She then went on to act in several Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. Some of her notable films include "Arayannangalude Veedu", "Kasthuri Maan", "Karnaa" and "Gokulathil Kannan". Mayoori was known for her versatile acting skills and was praised for her performances in both lead and supporting roles. Tragically, at the young age of 22, she passed away by committing suicide. Her sudden death sent shockwaves throughout the film industry and her fans mourned her loss deeply. Despite her short career, Mayoori left a lasting impression on Indian cinema.

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