Indian movie stars died at 40

Here are 1 famous actresses from India died at 40:

T. A. Madhuram

T. A. Madhuram (April 4, 2015 Srirangam-April 4, 1974) also known as டி.ஏ. மதுரம், T.A. Mathuram or T. A. Maduram was an Indian film producer and actor. Her child is Kalaiselvi Krishnan.

T. A. Madhuram was born on April 4, 1915 in Srirangam, Tamil Nadu, India. She started her career as an actor in the early 1930s, and was recognized as a talented performer in the industry. However, she later shifted her focus to film production and established her own production company, T. A. Movies.

As a producer, T. A. Madhuram made several successful films which were critically acclaimed and appreciated by audiences. Her most notable films include Kanchana (1952), Anbu (1953), and Amaradeepam (1956).

Apart from producing and acting in films, T. A. Madhuram was also actively involved in the Indian Independence movement and was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. She was known for her philanthropic work and contributed towards various social causes.

T. A. Madhuram passed away on April 4, 1974, on her 59th birthday. She left behind a legacy as one of the pioneering figures in the Indian film industry, and a trailblazer who paved the way for women to enter the field of film production.

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