Indian movie stars died in 2000

Here are 10 famous actresses from India died in 2000:

Shobhna Samarth

Shobhna Samarth (November 17, 1916 Mumbai-February 9, 2000 Pune) also known as Shobhana Samarth, Shobhana, Shobana, Smt. Shobhana Samarth or Saroj Shilotri was an Indian actor and film director. She had three children, Tanuja, Nutan and Chatura Samarth.

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Priya Rajvansh

Priya Rajvansh (November 27, 2014 Shimla-March 27, 2000 Mumbai) a.k.a. Vera Sunder Singh, Veera Singh, Priya Raajvansh or Priya was an Indian actor. Her children are called Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand.

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Nigar Sultana

Nigar Sultana a.k.a. Nigar was an Indian actor. She had one child, Hina Kausar.

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Shakuntala Paranjpye

Shakuntala Paranjpye (January 17, 1906-May 3, 2000) a.k.a. Baby Shakuntala, Shakuntala or Shakuntalā Parānjpye was an Indian actor, writer and social worker. Her child is called Sai Paranjpye.

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Usha Kiran

Usha Kiran (April 22, 1929 Vasai-Virar-March 9, 2000 Nashik) also known as Usha Kiron was an Indian actor. She had two children, Tanvi Azmi and Adwait Kher.

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Pearl Padamsee

Pearl Padamsee (November 27, 2014 Mumbai-April 24, 2000 Mumbai) was an Indian actor, theatrical producer and theatre director. She had three children, Ranjit Chowdhry, Raell Padamsee and Rahul Padamsee.

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Ranjana Deshmukh

Ranjana Deshmukh (November 27, 2014-March 3, 2000 Shivaji Park) otherwise known as Ranjana was an Indian actor.

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Viji (November 27, 1966 India-November 27, 2000 Chennai) also known as Viji Aswath was an Indian actor.

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U. R. Jeevarathinam

U. R. Jeevarathinam also known as U. R. Jeevaratnam was an Indian actor. Her child is called Vetrivel.

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Kamini Kadam

Kamini Kadam (August 1, 1933 Maharashtra-June 29, 2000 Mumbai) also known as Manik Kadam was an Indian actor.

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