Indian music stars deceased in Pneumonia

Here are 3 famous musicians from India died in Pneumonia:

M. S. Subbulakshmi

M. S. Subbulakshmi (September 16, 1916 Madurai-December 11, 2004 Chennai) a.k.a. M.S. Subbulakshmi, Subbulakshmi, M.S., MS Subbulakshmi, Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi, Kunjamma, The Nightingale of India, M.S. or Subbulakshmi was an Indian singer and actor. She had two children, Radha Viswanathan and Vijaya Rajendran.

Discography: Mela-Raga-malika-chakra, Immortal Legends - Volume 5: Of 5, Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham, Old Gems, Paddhatti - M S Subbulakshmi - Live In Concert 1956 and Samarpanam Classical Renditions. Genres she performed include Carnatic music.

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Majrooh Sultanpuri

Majrooh Sultanpuri (October 1, 1919 Nizamabad-May 24, 2000 Mumbai) also known as Asrar ul Hassan Khan, Majruh Sultanpuri, Majrooh, Asrar Hussain Khan or Majrooh Saab was an Indian poet, songwriter and lyricist.

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Shubhendra Shankar

Shubhendra Shankar (March 30, 1942-September 15, 1992 Garden Grove) a.k.a. Shubhendra "Shubho" Shankar or Shubho Shankar was an Indian musician, composer and illustrator. His children are Somnath Shankar and Kaveri Shankar.

Shubhendra Shankar was the son of the renowned Indian classical musician and sitar player, Ravi Shankar. Like his father, Shubhendra was also trained in Indian classical music, particularly the sitar. He performed with his father and other musicians in India and on international tours.

Apart from his musical pursuits, Shubhendra Shankar also had a keen interest in art and illustration. He studied at the Government College of Art & Craft in Kolkata and later attended the Pratt Institute in New York. He worked as an illustrator and produced artwork for various publications.

In 1979, Shubhendra Shankar released his solo album titled "Living Music" in collaboration with tabla player Ustad Alla Rakha. The album received critical acclaim and showcased Shubhendra's virtuosity as a sitar player and composer.

Unfortunately, Shubhendra Shankar passed away at the age of 50 due to a heart attack. However, his legacy lives on through his musical recordings and artwork, and his contribution to Indian classical music and art continues to inspire new generations of artists.

Shubhendra Shankar was also known for his collaborations with western musicians, particularly in the field of jazz fusion. He worked with American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz and also collaborated with the British rock band The Gurkhas. Shubhendra composed music for films and documentaries, including music for the BBC television series "The Long Search" and the soundtrack for the film "Anuradha." He was a recipient of several awards for his contribution to Indian classical music and also received recognition for his artwork. Shubhendra Shankar's dedication to music and art continues to be an inspiration to many, and his legacy is celebrated by his fans all over the world.

In addition to his collaborations with western musicians, Shubhendra Shankar also worked with many Indian classical musicians, including sarod player Ali Akbar Khan and tabla player Zakir Hussain. He was a regular performer at music festivals in India and abroad, including the prestigious Edinburgh International Festival, and was known for his dynamic and innovative performances.

Shubhendra Shankar was also a prolific composer, and his compositions blended traditional Indian classical music with western and modern elements. He was a pioneer in the fusion music genre, and his music continues to be an inspiration for many contemporary musicians.

Apart from his musical and artistic pursuits, Shubhendra Shankar was also involved in social causes and was a supporter of the anti-nuclear movement in India. He was a dedicated environmentalist and believed in the preservation of the planet's natural resources.

Overall, Shubhendra Shankar was a multi-talented artist who left a lasting impact on Indian classical music, art and culture. His contribution to the world of music and art will always be remembered and celebrated by his fans and followers.

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