Indonesian movie actors born in the year 1989

Here are 6 famous actors from Indonesia were born in 1989:

Muhammad Fardhan

Muhammad Fardhan (April 13, 1989 Indonesia-) is an Indonesian actor, model and entrepreneur.

He started his career as a model and gained popularity after winning a local male model competition in 2011. Fardhan then made his acting debut in a local TV series in 2013 and has since appeared in various popular TV series and movies. Apart from his successful career in the entertainment industry, Fardhan is also known for his entrepreneurial ventures, including a clothing line and a restaurant. He is also actively involved in various environmental and social causes, and has been recognized for his contributions to charity work. In his free time, Fardhan enjoys traveling and photography.

Afgan Syahreza

Afgan Syahreza (May 27, 1989 Jakarta-) also known as Afgan Syah Reza is an Indonesian singer and actor.

He began his career in music in 2008 with the release of his debut album, "Confession No.1". Afgan has since released four more albums and a number of popular singles. He has received several awards for his music, including Indonesian Choice Awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2009 and Male Singer of the Year in 2015.

In addition to his music career, Afgan has also acted in a number of Indonesian films and TV dramas. He made his acting debut in 2011 with a role in the film "Bukan Cinta Biasa" and has since appeared in several more films and TV shows.

Afgan is also known for his philanthropic work, supporting numerous charitable organizations and initiatives in Indonesia. He has been recognized for his humanitarian efforts and was awarded the Satyalancana Kebudayaan medal from the Indonesian government in 2020.

Zidni Adam Zawas

Zidni Adam Zawas (August 5, 1989 Jakarta-) otherwise known as Zidni Adam or Zidni Adam Jawas is an Indonesian actor.

He began his acting career in 2013 with a role in the film "Perahu Kertas 2". Since then, he has starred in a number of popular Indonesian films and TV series including "SCTV The Series Season 2: The Real Action" and "Cinta Pertamaku". Zidni Adam is also known for his talent in martial arts and has showcased his skills in several action-oriented roles. He has won several awards for his acting in Indonesia, including the Citra Award for Best Supporting Actor at the Indonesian Film Festival in 2015. In addition to acting, Zidni Adam is also an entrepreneur, owning several businesses including a coffee shop and clothing brand. He actively promotes Indonesian culture and tourism through his social media platforms, and is known for his philanthropy work in his community.

Sadha Triyudha

Sadha Triyudha (January 22, 1989 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor.

He started his acting career in 2012 as the lead actor in a television show called "BoBoiBoy" which became widely popular not only in Indonesia but throughout Southeast Asia. He earned critical acclaim for his performance and was nominated for several awards.

Since then, Sadha has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. He is known for his versatile acting skills and his ability to portray a range of characters. Some of his notable works include "Arisan! 2", "Cinta Dalam Kardus" and "Gangster".

Apart from his acting career, Sadha is also known for his strong social media presence. He often uses his platform to advocate for causes that are important to him, such as environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Sadha has won several awards throughout his career, including the Best Actor award at the Indonesian Film Festival in 2017. His popularity and talent have made him one of the most sought-after actors in Indonesia today.

Muhammad Ihsan Tarore

Muhammad Ihsan Tarore (August 20, 1989 Medan-) is an Indonesian singer and actor.

Muhammad Ihsan Tarore, also known as Ihsan Tarore, first rose to fame when he competed in the sixth season of Indonesian Idol in 2010, where he placed as the runner-up. After the competition, he released his debut single "Hanya Memuji" and has since released several other successful singles, including "Selalu Ada" and "Pergi Tanpa Pesan".

Aside from his music career, Ihsan Tarore has also ventured into acting. He made his acting debut in the TV series "Keluarga Cemara" in 2018 and has appeared in other series such as "Bumi Manusia" and "Sri Asih". He also starred in the 2019 romantic comedy film "Mantan Manten".

Ihsan Tarore is known for his smooth vocal style and soulful performances, and has become one of Indonesia's most popular young singers.

Caisar Aditya Putra

Caisar Aditya Putra (August 29, 1989 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor, dancer and comedian.

He began his career in show business as a dancer, and soon after transitioned to acting. He has starred in a number of popular Indonesian TV shows and movies, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Putra has received critical acclaim for his comedic roles, and has established himself as a leading comedy actor in Indonesia. In addition to his acting career, he is also a popular host for TV shows and events. Outside of his work in entertainment, Putra is known for his philanthropic efforts and supports a number of charities focused on education and child welfare.

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