Indonesian movie actors died in the year 2003

Here are 1 famous actors from Indonesia died in 2003:


Ateng (August 8, 1942 Bogor-May 6, 2003 Jakarta) also known as Andreas Leo Ateng Suripto or Kho Tjeng Lie was an Indonesian actor and comedian. His children are called Antonius Aryo Gede Suripto and Alexander Agung Suripto.

Ateng began his career in entertainment in the 1960s, performing with legendary comedian Bing Slamet. He later starred in numerous films and television series, cementing his status as a household name in Indonesia. Ateng was known for his comedic timing and ability to make audiences laugh with his witty jokes and physical humor. He also had a talent for impersonating famous Indonesian figures, which added to his popularity. In addition to acting, Ateng was also a skilled songwriter and singer, having recorded several albums throughout his career. Despite his success in entertainment, Ateng maintained a humble demeanor and was well-liked by his colleagues and fans. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 60, leaving behind a legacy as one of Indonesia's most beloved comedians.

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