Indonesian movie actresses died in the year 1977

Here are 1 famous actresses from Indonesia died in 1977:

Farida Arriany

Farida Arriany (November 24, 1938 Bandung-October 15, 1977) also known as Frieda Thenu was an Indonesian actor.

She started her career in the entertainment industry in the 1950s and became well-known for her roles in various films in the 1960s and 1970s. Arriany appeared in more than 50 films throughout her career, including "Madam X," "Titik Hitam," "Fadjar Menyongsong Fajar," and "Nyi Blorong." Her notable performances in these films helped her gain recognition and established her as one of the leading actresses of her time. In addition to her acting career, Arriany was also a accomplished singer and dancer. Sadly, she passed away at a young age of 38 due to leukemia. However, she remains an iconic figure in Indonesian cinema history.

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