Indonesian movie actresses died in the year 2013

Here are 1 famous actresses from Indonesia died in 2013:


Hadidjah (June 13, 1923 South Sulawesi-October 10, 2013 Jakarta) a.k.a. Hadijah was an Indonesian actor. Her child is called Idris Sardi.

Hadidjah was a notable Indonesian actor who appeared in numerous films and theatre productions throughout her career. She started acting in films in the 1950s and went on to create memorable roles in some of the most iconic movies of the Indonesian film industry. Her talent and dedication to her craft made her a prominent figure in the world of Indonesian cinema.

In addition to her acting career, she was also a singer and an accomplished musician. She was known for her beautiful voice and played multiple instruments with ease, including the violin, which she passed on to her son, Idris Sardi, who is a renowned musician and composer.

Throughout her life, Hadidjah was deeply committed to promoting Indonesian arts and culture, and she was recognized for her contributions with numerous awards and accolades. She continued to act and perform music well into her later years, leaving a lasting legacy in Indonesian entertainment.

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