Indonesian musicians died when they were 62

Here are 1 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 62:

Surya Wonowidjojo

Surya Wonowidjojo (August 15, 1923-August 29, 1985) was an Indonesian personality. He had two children, Rachman Halim and Susilo Wonowidjojo.

Surya Wonowidjojo was a successful businessman and entrepreneur, known for founding and developing several companies in Indonesia. One of his most notable creations was a cigarette company called Gudang Garam, which he started in 1958. Under his leadership, Gudang Garam grew to become one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia, producing popular brands such as Surya and GG.

Aside from his accomplishments in business, Wonowidjojo was also known for his philanthropic efforts. He contributed to various charitable organizations and initiatives, particularly those focused on education and youth development. He established a scholarship program that helped thousands of students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, pursue their education.

Wonowidjojo was also involved in politics and served as a member of Indonesia's parliament, the People's Representative Council, from 1955 to 1977. He was a vocal advocate for the rights of small businesses and the importance of entrepreneurship in national development.

In recognition of his contributions to business and society, Wonowidjojo received numerous awards and honors, including the title of National Hero of Indonesia, which was posthumously bestowed on him in 2016.

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