Iranian music stars born in 1982

Here are 6 famous musicians from Iran were born in 1982:


Laleh (June 10, 1982 Bandar-e Anzali-) also known as Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

Her albums include Prinsessor, Det är vi som bestämmer (Vem har lurat alla barnen?), Forgive but Not Forget, November, Invisible (My Song), Live Tomorrow, Storebror, Laleh, Me and Simon and Closer. Genres she performed: Folk music, Pop music, Pop rock and Independent music.

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Benyamin Bahadori

Benyamin Bahadori (September 9, 1982 Tonekabon-) is an Iranian singer.

Genres: Pop music, Trance music, Synthpop and Electropop.

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Ali Ashabi

Ali Ashabi (September 21, 1982 Semnan-) is an Iranian , .

Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Sami Beigi

Sami Beigi (November 23, 1982 Tehran-) otherwise known as Saman Begay, Sami Begi, Sam Beigi, Sami Bigi, Sami Beygi, Sami Bagi or Sammy is an Iranian musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums: Ey Joonam, Hmg, Donya Maleh Maast (feat. Erfan), Ahange To, Bazi Mideh and Bebin Karato (feat. Hosein). Genres he performed: World music and Pop music.

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Yas (June 20, 1982 Tehran-) also known as Yaser Bakhtiari is an Iranian songwriter and rapper.

His albums: Khiyabooniha, YAS b Che Roozhaye Sakhti Raft, Gheseye Zirzaminha, For the sake of me, Soldier of the homeland, What Can I Say, I’ll Fight On, Time To Leave, Shout OF YAS and Amen.

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Sirvan Khosravi

Sirvan Khosravi (July 26, 1982 Sanandaj-) is an Iranian singer, musician, composer and music arranger.

His albums: Road of Dreams, Stay With Me, Way of the World, Yes, The Autumn Rain, I Fell in Love with You, Building of the Doctors, No, Don’t Go, Saying Goodbye and I Love You. Genres: Rock music, Pop music and Electronic music.

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