Iranian music stars born in 1985

Here are 7 famous musicians from Iran were born in 1985:

Sahand Quazi

Sahand Quazi (July 11, 1985 Tehran-) is an Iranian record producer, radio personality, songwriter, singer and rapper.

Genres: Hip hop music and Iranian hip hop.

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Hichkas (May 10, 1985 Tehran-) also known as Soroush Lashgari or Soroush Lashkary is an Iranian actor, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

His most important albums: Jangale Asfalt and Anjām Vazife. Genres he performed: Hip hop music.

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Salome MC

Salome MC (February 23, 1985-) is an Iranian lyricist, designer, singer and rapper.

Her discography includes: I Officially Exist. Genres she performed include Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues, Hip hop music, Rap music and Experimental music.

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Ashkan Kooshanejad

Ashkan Kooshanejad (August 13, 1985 Tehran-) also known as Ash Koosha, Ashkan Koshanejad or Ashkan Kooshanejad is an Iranian singer-songwriter, record producer, composer, actor, film score composer and songwriter.

Genres: Folktronica, Electronic music, Soundtrack and Indie pop.

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Sean Banan

Sean Banan (April 7, 1985 Iran-) also known as Sean Samadi or Sina Samadi is an Iranian comedian, musician, dancer and choreographer.

Related albums: Skaka Rumpa, Puss Puss, Händer i luft, Copacabanana, Sean den förste Banan, Gott nytt Jul, Sean den förste Banan and Copabanana.

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Mohsen Yeganeh

Mohsen Yeganeh (May 13, 1985 Gonbad-e Kavus-) is an Iranian singer and songwriter.

His discography includes: Nafas Haye Bi Hadaf, Hobab and Rage Khab. His related genres: Pop music and Persian pop music.

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Masoud (May 22, 1985 Bandar-e Anzali-) a.k.a. Masoud fuladi is an Iranian artist, disc jockey, record producer and musician.

His related genres: Progressive house, Vocal trance and Trance music.

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