Iranian music stars died at age 36

Here are 10 famous musicians from Iran died at 36:

Sirous Ghayeghran

Sirous Ghayeghran (January 22, 1962 Bandar-e Anzali-April 6, 1998) was an Iranian personality.

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Mohammad Mofatteh

Mohammad Mofatteh (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1979) was an Iranian writer and politician.

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Abolhassan Etessami

Abolhassan Etessami (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1978) was an Iranian architect and novelist.

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Nematollah Nassiri

Nematollah Nassiri (April 5, 2015 Semnan-February 16, 1979 Qasr Prison) was an Iranian politician.

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Pirouz Davani

Pirouz Davani (April 5, 1961-April 5, 1997) was an Iranian journalist.

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Nader Jahanbani

Nader Jahanbani (April 5, 2015 Iran-March 12, 1979 Qasr Prison) was an Iranian personality.

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Ismail I

Ismail I (July 17, 1487 Ardabil-May 23, 1524 Tabriz) a.k.a. Sinner was an Iranian writer. His children are Tahmasp I, Prince ‘Abul Ghazi Sultan Alqas Mirza, Prince Sultan Rustam Mirza, Prince ‘Abul Naser Sultan Sam Mirza, Prince ‘Abu'l Fat'h Sultan Moez od-din Bahram Mirza, Prince Soltan Hossein Mirza, Princess Fulaneh Begum, Princess Gunish Khanum, Princess Pari Khan Khanum, Princess Khair un-nisa Khanish Khanum, Princess Shah Zainab Khanum, Princess Farangis Khanum and Princess Mahin Banu Khanum.

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Sibawayh (April 5, 0760 Beyza-April 5, 0796 Shiraz) also known as Abū Bishr ʿAmr ibn ʿUthmān ibn Qanbar Al-Biṣrī was an Iranian personality.

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Ibrahim Mirza

Ibrahim Mirza (April 1, 1540-February 23, 1577) otherwise known as ‘Abu'l Fat'h Sultan Ibrahim Mirza was an Iranian personality. His child is Princess Gowhar Shad Begum.

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Abbas Babaei

Abbas Babaei (December 5, 1950 Qazvin-August 6, 1987 Qazvin) was an Iranian pilot and soldier.

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