Iranian music stars died at age 44

Here are 3 famous musicians from Iran died at 44:

Ardeshir Hosseinpour

Ardeshir Hosseinpour (April 5, 1962 Tehran-January 15, 2007 Tallahassee) was an Iranian physicist and engineer.

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Ali-Reza Pahlavi

Ali-Reza Pahlavi (April 28, 1966 Tehran-January 4, 2011 Boston) otherwise known as Prince Alireza Pahlavi, Prince of Iran, Alireza Pahlavi or Reza Pahlavi was an Iranian personality. He had one child, Iryana Leila Pahlavi.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Abbas Mirza

Abbas Mirza (August 26, 1789 Noor-October 25, 1833 Mashhad) was an Iranian personality. He had six children, Nosrat-od-Dowleh Firouz Mirza, Bahram Mirza, Mohammad Shah Qajar, Khanlar Mirza, Bahman Mirza Qajar and Khosrow Mirza.

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