Iranian music stars died at age 63

Here are 2 famous musicians from Iran died at 63:

Alireza Shapour Shahbazi

Alireza Shapour Shahbazi (September 4, 1942 Shiraz-July 15, 2006) was an Iranian writer.

He is best known for his works of historical fiction and his writings about ancient Persian history and culture. Shahbazi graduated with a degree in archaeology and went on to work as a professor of ancient history at the University of Tehran. He published his first novel, "Death of Keyumars", in 1968 and went on to write several more books, including "The Lion's Throne" and "The Conqueror of Hearts". In addition to his works of fiction, Shahbazi was also a respected scholar and published many academic works on ancient Persian history and culture. He was widely regarded as one of Iran's leading historians and writers and his work continues to be studied and admired to this day.

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Ovanes Ohanian

Ovanes Ohanian (October 8, 1896-April 5, 1960 Tehran) was an Iranian entrepreneur and scientist.

Born in Tabriz, Iran, Ovanes Ohanian belonged to an Armenian family who had migrated from Turkey in the 19th century. During his early years, Ohanian developed a keen interest in science, which led him to pursue higher education in Germany. In 1917, he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Technical University of Munich.

After completing his education, Ohanian returned to Iran and started his professional career by working for the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. Later, he established his own company, known as Pars Electric, which became the largest electrical manufacturing company in Iran in a few years. Besides that, Ohanian is also credited for setting up some of the first radio and television stations in Iran.

Apart from his entrepreneurial career, Ovanes Ohanian also contributed significantly to the scientific community of Iran. In 1958, he established Iran's first national scientific foundation, which promoted research and development in various fields. Additionally, Ohanian also published several books and articles on science and technology.

Throughout his life, Ovanes Ohanian received many accolades for his work. He was awarded the title of "Knight of the Order of Merit" by the Shah of Iran in 1932 and was also awarded the "National Medal of Science and Arts" by the Iranian government in 1957. Ohanian passed away in Tehran in 1960, leaving behind a legacy that is still remembered among the Iranian scientific and business communities.

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