Iraqi music stars who deceased at age 38

Here are 1 famous musicians from Iraq died at 38:

Badr Shakir al-Sayyab

Badr Shakir al-Sayyab (December 24, 1926 Basra-December 24, 1964 Kuwait) was an Iraqi poet and writer.

He is considered one of the pioneers of modern Arabic poetry and is known for his free verse style that focused on themes of love, identity, and politics. Al-Sayyab studied law in Baghdad but eventually abandoned his studies to pursue a career in poetry. He was deeply affected by the sociopolitical climate of Iraq during his time, including the British occupation, the rise of Saddam Hussein, and the oppression of the Iraqi people. His most famous work is the poem "Rain Song," which is considered a masterpiece of Arabic poetry. Al-Sayyab died on his 38th birthday in Kuwait City, where he had been living in exile. His work continues to influence and inspire poets throughout the Arab world.

In addition to his literary contributions, Al-Sayyab was also a political activist and was involved in various socialist and communist movements in Iraq. He was arrested numerous times for his political activism and spent time in prison. His experiences in prison had a profound impact on his poetry, as he often wrote about the themes of isolation and oppression.

Al-Sayyab's poetic style broke away from the traditional Arabic poetry forms that were popular at the time, such as qasida and ghazal, and he introduced free verse poetry to the Arab world. He was heavily influenced by the works of American poet Walt Whitman and French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

In addition to "Rain Song," Al-Sayyab's other famous works include "Hymns for the Night," "The Dam and the Euphrates," and "Farewell to the Poet's Homeland." His works continue to be studied and celebrated in the Arab world and beyond.

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