Iraqi music stars who deceased at age 50

Here are 1 famous musicians from Iraq died at 50:

Huzaima bint Nasser

Huzaima bint Nasser (April 5, 1884 Mecca-March 27, 1935 Baghdad) was an Iraqi personality. She had five children, Ghazi of Iraq, Princess Azza bint Faisal, Princess Rajiha bint Faisal, Princess Raifia bint Faisal and Prince Muhammed bin Faisal.

Huzaima bint Nasser was known for her philanthropic work in Iraq, particularly for her efforts to improve healthcare and education for women. She was actively involved in various charitable organizations and was a strong advocate for women's rights. In addition to her philanthropic work, she also played an important role in the political sphere. Her husband, King Faisal I of Iraq, appointed her as a consul to represent Iraq in various international events. She was highly respected by her peers and was considered one of the most influential women in Iraq during her time. Her legacy continued long after her death, and her descendants continue to play important roles in Iraqi society and politics.

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