Irish actors died at age 73

Here are 3 famous actors from Republic of Ireland died at 73:

Denis O'Dea

Denis O'Dea (April 26, 1905 Dublin-November 5, 1978 Dublin) also known as Dennis O'Dea was an Irish actor. His child is called Donnacha O'Dea.

Denis O'Dea began his career in acting in Dublin's famous Abbey Theatre in the 1920s. He appeared in many stage productions before transitioning to film in the 1940s. He acted in several iconic films such as "The Fallen Idol" and "Moby Dick". He was also known for his performance in the film "Odd Man Out" where he played the role of a priest. Besides acting, O'Dea was also a talented writer and published several books including "The Dogs in the Streets" which was later adapted into a film in 1973. In addition to his successful career in entertainment, O'Dea was a former national fencing champion of Ireland. He remained active in the Irish theatre scene throughout his life and was greatly respected by his peers.

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Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew (September 16, 1934 Dún Laoghaire-August 16, 2008 Dublin) also known as Joseph Ronald Drew or The Dubliners was an Irish singer, songwriter, actor and guitarist. His children are Phelim Drew and Cliodhna Drew.

He died as a result of throat cancer.

Ronnie Drew was best known for his work with the traditional Irish folk band, The Dubliners. He was one of the band's founding members and played with them for over 30 years. Drew's deep, gravelly voice and authentic interpretations of Irish folk songs made him a beloved figure in the Irish music scene.

Aside from his musical career, Drew also had a successful acting career, appearing in a number of films and television shows. He was a natural performer and often incorporated storytelling and humor into his live performances.

Drew was a passionate supporter of Irish republicanism and was involved in various political and humanitarian causes throughout his life. He was also a prominent advocate for the Irish language, and his music often featured lyrics in both English and Irish.

Despite his passing in 2008, Ronnie Drew's legacy in Irish music and culture continues to be celebrated and remembered.

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Donald O'Brien

Donald O'Brien (September 15, 1930 Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques-November 29, 2003 Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques) also known as Donal O'Brien, Donald O'Brian, Donal O'Brian or Donal "Donald" O'Brien was an Irish actor.

He was best known for his roles in Italian horror and exploitation films of the 1970s and 1980s, including "Zombie Holocaust" and "Endgame - Bronx lotta finale." O'Brien also appeared in a number of Hollywood films, including "The Wild Bunch" and "Papillon." In addition to acting, he was also a stuntman and worked as a stunt coordinator on several films. O'Brien began his career in the theater and later moved into film and television. He appeared in over 50 films and television shows throughout his career. O'Brien passed away in 2003 at the age of 73.

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