Irish actors died in 1965

Here are 2 famous actors from Republic of Ireland died in 1965:

Jimmy O'Dea

Jimmy O'Dea (April 26, 1899 Dublin-January 7, 1965 Dublin) also known as O'Dea or James Augustine "Jimmy" O'Dea was an Irish actor.

He came from a family of performers, with his parents and siblings all working in the entertainment industry. O'Dea began his career as a stage actor and later transitioned to film, becoming one of Ireland's most beloved actors. He was known for his comedic roles and his ability to bring joy and laughter to audiences across the country. O'Dea was also a talented musician and songwriter, composing several popular songs during his career. He remained active in the entertainment industry until his death in 1965, and is remembered as a true legend of Irish cinema and theatre.

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Creighton Hale

Creighton Hale (May 24, 1882 County Cork-August 9, 1965 South Pasadena) a.k.a. Patrick Hale FitzGerald, Patrick Fitzgerald or Patrick Creighton Hale FitzGerald Senior was an Irish actor. He had two children, Creighton Hale Jr. and Robert Lowe Hale.

Hale began his career as a vaudeville actor before transitioning to silent films in the 1910s. He is best known for his roles in horror films such as "The Cat and the Canary" (1927) and "Dracula's Daughter" (1936). He also appeared in Westerns, comedies, and dramas throughout his career. Hale continued to act in films and television shows until his death in 1965 at the age of 83. In addition to his acting career, Hale was also a prominent member of the Screen Actors Guild and served on its board of directors for several years.

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