Irish music stars died at age 31

Here are 4 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 31:

Declan O'Sullivan

Declan O'Sullivan (December 18, 1983 Tralee-April 5, 2015) was an Irish personality.

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Jonathan Philbin Bowman

Jonathan Philbin Bowman (January 6, 1969 Dublin-March 3, 2000 Harold's Cross) was an Irish journalist.

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Paul Healion

Paul Healion (June 3, 1978 Dublin-August 16, 2009 County Louth) was an Irish personality.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Mick Mannock

Mick Mannock (May 24, 1887 Ballincollig-July 26, 1918 Lillers) was an Irish politician, engineer and soldier.

He died as a result of killed in action.

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