Irish music stars died at age 71

Here are 23 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 71:

Reg Ryan

Reg Ryan (October 30, 1925 Dublin-February 13, 1997 Sheldon, West Midlands) was an Irish personality.

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Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes (November 7, 1915 Cork-April 22, 1987) was an Irish personality.

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Paddy Coad

Paddy Coad (April 4, 1920 Waterford-March 8, 1992 Waterford) was an Irish personality.

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Patrick O'Connell

Patrick O'Connell (March 8, 1887 Dublin-February 27, 1959 St Pancras, London) was an Irish personality.

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Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan (February 2, 1936 Thurles-October 3, 2007 Celbridge) was an Irish entrepreneur. He had one child, Cathal Ryan.

He died in pancreatic cancer.

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James Larkin

James Larkin (January 21, 1876 Liverpool-January 30, 1947 Dublin) also known as Big Jim was an Irish politician and trade unionist. His children are James Larkin, Jnr and Denis Larkin.

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Seán Lemass

Seán Lemass (July 15, 1899 Dublin-May 11, 1971 Dublin) also known as Sean Lemass was an Irish politician. He had two children, Noel Lemass, Jnr and Maureen Haughey.

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Peter Maher

Peter Maher (March 16, 1869 Tuam-July 22, 1940) was an Irish professional boxer.

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John McGahern

John McGahern (November 12, 1934 County Leitrim-March 30, 2006 Mater Private Hospital) was an Irish writer, novelist and author.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Walter L. Cole

Walter L. Cole also known as Walter Cole was an Irish personality.

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Thomas Andrews

Thomas Andrews (December 9, 1813 Belfast-November 26, 1885 Belfast) was an Irish physicist and chemist.

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Robert Mallet

Robert Mallet (June 3, 1810 Dublin-November 5, 1881 Clapham) was an Irish engineer, civil engineer and geologist.

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Tom Moore

Tom Moore (May 1, 1883 County Meath-February 12, 1955 Santa Monica) also known as Thomas Moore, Thomas J. "Tom" Moore, Tom or Thomas J. Moore was an Irish actor, film director and screenwriter. He had one child, Alice Moore.

He died caused by cancer.

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William Desmond

William Desmond (January 23, 1878 Dublin-November 3, 1949 Los Angeles) also known as William Mannion, The King of the Silent Serials, Bill Desmond or Wm. Desmond was an Irish actor. His child is called Mary Jo Desmond.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Tom Dugan

Tom Dugan (January 1, 1884 Dublin-March 7, 1955 Redlands) also known as Thomas Dugan, Tommie Dugan, Tommy Dugan or Thomas J. Dugan was an Irish actor and comedian.

He died in traffic collision.

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Matthew Cullen

Matthew Cullen (March 17, 1864 Hacketstown-January 2, 1936) was an Irish priest.

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Charlotte Payne-Townshend

Charlotte Payne-Townshend (April 5, 2015-September 12, 1943 London) was an Irish political activist.

She died caused by paget's disease of bone.

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Ephraim MacDowel Cosgrave

Ephraim MacDowel Cosgrave (July 18, 1853 County Longford-February 17, 1925 Dublin) was an Irish physician, antiquarian and writer.

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Amelia Summerville

Amelia Summerville (October 15, 1862 County Kildare-January 21, 1934 New York City) also known as Amelia Shaw or Amelia M. Shaw was an Irish actor.

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Eddie Foy, Sr.

Eddie Foy, Sr. (March 9, 1856 Greenwich Village-February 16, 1928 Kansas City) otherwise known as Eddie Foy Sr., Edwin Fitzgerald or Edward Fitzgerald was an Irish actor, comedian, dancer and vaudeville performer. He had seven children, Bryan Foy, Eddie Foy, Jr., Charley Foy, Irving Foy, Mary Foy, Madeline Foy and Richard Foy.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan (July 27, 1921 County Carlow-August 17, 1992 Muine Bheag) was an Irish politician and keytarist. He had one child, M. J. Nolan.

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Godfrey Quigley

Godfrey Quigley (May 4, 1923 Jerusalem-September 7, 1994 Dublin) was an Irish actor and voice actor.

He died caused by alzheimer's disease.

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Joan Brosnan Walsh

Joan Brosnan Walsh (June 29, 1938 Greystones-December 21, 2009 Ireland) was an Irish costume designer and actor. She had three children, Helen, Ruth and Ingrid.

She died in motor neuron disease.

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