Israeli actors born in 1986

Here are 7 famous actors from Israel were born in 1986:

Ricky Ullman

Ricky Ullman (January 24, 1986 Eilat-) a.k.a. Raviv Ullman is an Israeli actor and musician.

Michael Moshonov

Michael Moshonov (March 3, 1986 Tel Aviv-) also known as Michael Mushonov is an Israeli singer, musician, actor and presenter.

Tomer Pawlicki

Tomer Pawlicki (April 22, 1986 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli actor.

Tom Avni

Tom Avni (April 20, 1986 Eilat-) is an Israeli actor and presenter.

Ran Bechor

Ran Bechor (May 22, 1986 Israel-) is an Israeli actor.

Or Ben-Melech

Or Ben-Melech (October 30, 1986 Israel-) a.k.a. Or ben melech or Or Ben King is an Israeli actor.

Tomer Elias

Tomer Elias (November 29, 1986 Tel HaShomer-) also known as TheSmilingCroc is an Israeli actor, author and singer.

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