Israeli actresses died in Pneumonia

Here are 1 famous actresses from Israel died in Pneumonia:

Shoshana Damari

Shoshana Damari (November 27, 2014 Dhamar-February 14, 2006 Tel Aviv) also known as שושנה דמארי, Damari, Shoshana or The Queen of Hebrew Music was an Israeli singer and actor. She had one child, Nava Bosmi.

Shoshana Damari was born in the Yemenite Jewish community of Dhamar, in what is now Yemen, and immigrated to Israel with her family in 1924 at the age of 7. She began performing as a singer in her teens, and quickly became one of the most famous and beloved voices in Israeli music.

In addition to her music career, Damari also acted in films and on stage, and was a popular television personality. She was known for her powerful, emotional performances, and for her ability to convey the deep sense of longing and connection to the land and people of Israel that characterized much of Hebrew music.

Throughout her career, Damari recorded hundreds of songs, many of which have become beloved classics in Israel. She was awarded numerous honors and accolades for her contributions to Israeli culture, and remained a beloved and revered figure in the Israeli arts community until her death in 2006.

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