Israeli music stars born in 1983

Here are 5 famous musicians from Israel were born in 1983:

Efrat Gosh

Efrat Gosh (November 3, 1983 Herzliya-) also known as Gosh, Efrat is an Israeli actor, singer-songwriter and musician.

Her discography includes: , and . Genres she performed: Alternative rock and Indie pop.

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Yehuda Saado

Yehuda Saado (April 29, 1983 Jerusalem-) is an Israeli singer.

He is best known for his unique blend of Middle Eastern and Western music. Born to a family of musicians, he began performing at a young age and eventually studied at the Rimon School of Music in Israel. Saado has released several albums throughout his career, including his self-titled debut in 2008, which was followed by "Aman" in 2012 and "Ana Bakhaf Min El Commitment" in 2015. He has received critical acclaim for his soulful and emotive vocals, and his music has been featured in films and television shows both in Israel and internationally. In addition to his music career, Saado is also a popular television personality, having served as a judge on the Israeli version of "The Voice" and hosted his own music program, "Live in the Living Room."

Saado's music is influenced by his diverse cultural background. He grew up listening to a mix of Arabic and Israeli music, and his style reflects this fusion of cultural influences. His lyrics often touch on themes of love, loss, and personal identity, and his music has been praised for its ability to evoke powerful emotions in listeners.

In addition to his successful music and television careers, Saado is also known for his philanthropic work. He has worked with several organizations in Israel and beyond to support children's education and healthcare initiatives, and has been recognized for his contributions to social causes.

Despite his success, Saado remains humble and focused on his art. He continues to tour internationally and collaborate with other artists, always striving to evolve and grow as a musician. He remains one of Israel's most beloved and respected musical figures, and has inspired countless fans with his passion, talent, and dedication to his craft.

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Moshe Peretz

Moshe Peretz (May 10, 1983 Tiberias-) is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter and composer.

Discography: Mabit El Hamromim, Esh, Elaich, Me'ha'shamaim and Zikukim. Genres related to him: Mizrahi music, Pop music, Soul music and Jewish music.

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Ninet Tayeb

Ninet Tayeb (October 21, 1983 Kiryat Gat-) a.k.a. Ninette, Nina or Ninette Tayeb is an Israeli singer and actor.

Her albums: Barefoot, Communicative, and Sympathetic Nervous System. Genres: Pop rock, Pop music, Rock music and Indie rock.

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Hila Bronstein

Hila Bronstein (July 26, 1983 Tel Aviv-) a.k.a. Bronstein, Hila is an Israeli singer and singer-songwriter.

Genres she performed include Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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