Israeli music stars died at age 28

Here are 3 famous musicians from Israel died at 28:

Mike Brant

Mike Brant (February 1, 1947 Nicosia-April 25, 1975 Paris) otherwise known as Moshe Brand or Brant, Mike was an Israeli singer.

Discography: My Way : Ses plus grands succès, L'Essentiel, 20e Anniversaire, Laisse-moi t'aimer, L'intégrale, Qui saura / Sans amis, Laisse moi t'aimer, Ses plus grands succès, Qui saura and . Genres related to him: Pop music.

He died as a result of suicide.

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David Mark Berger

David Mark Berger (June 24, 1944 Shaker Heights-September 6, 1972 Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base) also known as Marc Berger was an Israeli weightlifter.

He died as a result of murder.

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Ze'ev Friedman

Ze'ev Friedman (June 10, 1944 Siberia-September 6, 1972 Fürstenfeldbruck) was an Israeli weightlifter.

He died caused by firearm.

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