Israeli music stars died in Myocardial infarction

Here are 2 famous musicians from Israel died in Myocardial infarction:

Uzi Hitman

Uzi Hitman (June 9, 1952 Giv'at Shmuel-October 17, 2004 Ramat Gan) was an Israeli singer, songwriter, composer, singer-songwriter and tv personality. He had three children, Ido Hitman, Oded Hitman and Yoav Hitman.

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Yisrael Poliakov

Yisrael Poliakov (July 7, 1941 Jerusalem-October 30, 2007 Petah Tikva) a.k.a. Israel Poliakov, Yisrael "Poli" Poliakov or Poli was an Israeli comedian and actor. He had two children, Yael Poliakov and Itamar Poliakov.

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