Italian movie actors died in the year 1982

Here are 9 famous actors from Italy died in 1982:

Gino Corrado

Gino Corrado (February 9, 1893 Florence-December 23, 1982 Woodland Hills) also known as Gino Corrado Liserani, Gene Corey, Eugene Corri, Gino Gerrado, Gino Carrado, Jean Corey, Geno Corrado, Eugene Corey or Mr. Liserani was an Italian actor.

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Riccardo Billi

Riccardo Billi (April 22, 1906 Siena-April 15, 1982 Rome) also known as R. Billi or Billi was an Italian actor and comedian.

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Lucio Lombardo-Radice

Lucio Lombardo-Radice (July 10, 1916 Catania-November 21, 1982 Brussels) was an Italian mathematician, screenwriter and actor. He had two children, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Marco Lombardo Radice.

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Vinicio Sofia

Vinicio Sofia (November 13, 1907 Corleone-December 30, 1982 Rome) was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Marco Tulli

Marco Tulli (November 20, 1920 Rome-March 20, 1982 Rome) also known as Primo Marcotulli was an Italian actor.

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Ernesto Colli

Ernesto Colli (May 16, 1940 Biella-November 19, 1982 Rome) a.k.a. Ernest Arold was an Italian actor.

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Mario del Monaco

Mario del Monaco (July 27, 1915 Florence-October 16, 1982 Mestre) was an Italian singer and actor. His child is called Giancarlo del Monaco.

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Ettore Mattia

Ettore Mattia (May 30, 1910 Potenza-October 10, 1982 Italy) also known as Ettore G. Mattia was an Italian actor.

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Gianpaolo Rosmino

Gianpaolo Rosmino (July 2, 1888 Turin-July 20, 1982 Rapallo) a.k.a. Gian Paolo Rosmino, G.P. Rosmino or Giampaolo Rosmino was an Italian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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