Italian actors died in Nephritis

Here are 1 famous actors from Italy died in Nephritis:

Gianfranco Giachetti

Gianfranco Giachetti (September 17, 1888 Florence-November 29, 1936 Rome) was an Italian actor.

He started his career in theater and later transitioned to film in the silent era where he gained prominence in Italy as a character actor. Giachetti was known for his versatility and his ability to portray various roles, from comedic to dramatic.

In the 1930s, Giachetti became a leading actor in the Italian cinema and starred in notable films such as "Teresa Confalonieri" (1934), "Doccia fredda" (1934), and "Lo squadrone bianco" (1936). He also worked with legendary Italian director, Federico Fellini in his first film, "Luci del varietà" (1950).

Tragically, Gianfranco Giachetti died at the age of 48 due to heart failure. His contributions to Italian cinema, however, have not been forgotten and his work remains notable and celebrated to this day.

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