Italian movie actresses born in the year 1934

Here are 9 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1934:

Rossana Podestà

Rossana Podestà (June 20, 1934 Tripoli-December 10, 2013 Rome) a.k.a. Rossana Podesta, Carla Podestà or Carla Dora Podestà was an Italian actor. She had two children, Stefano Vicario and Francesco Vicario.

Podestà began her acting career in the 1950s and quickly rose to fame in Italian cinema, starring in films such as "Helen of Troy" and "The Giant of Marathon." She also appeared in international films, including the Hollywood production "Sodom and Gomorrah." Podestà was known for her beauty and charm on screen, and her talent and skill as an actress garnered critical acclaim throughout her career. In addition to her acting work, Podestà was also involved in political activism and was a member of the Italian Communist Party. Despite facing some personal struggles later in life, including financial difficulties and health issues, Podestà remained a beloved figure in the Italian film industry and continued to act in films and on television until the end of her career.

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Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren (September 20, 1934 Rome-) otherwise known as Sofia Lazzaro, Stuzzicadente, The Stick, Lella, Toothpick, Sofia Villani Scicolone, Sofia Loren, Sofia Scicolone or Italian Marilyn Monroe is an Italian actor and singer. She has two children, Carlo Ponti and Edoardo Ponti.

Sophia Loren's acting career began in 1950 when she was just 16 years old. Her breakthrough role came a few years later, in 1955, when she starred in the Italian film "The Gold of Naples." She went on to become a major international star, appearing in over 90 films throughout her career.

Loren won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1962 for her role in the film "Two Women," becoming the first performer to win an Oscar for a foreign language film. She also received an Honorary Academy Award in 1991 in recognition of her contributions to the world of cinema.

In addition to her acting career, Loren is also a talented singer. She has released several albums over the years and has even performed in concert.

Throughout her life, Loren has been involved in a variety of charitable causes. She has worked with organizations such as UNICEF and has been a vocal advocate for animal rights. She has also been recognized for her contributions to Italian culture and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2011.

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Anna Maria Ferrero

Anna Maria Ferrero (February 18, 1934 Rome-) also known as Anna Maria Guerra, Anna Maria Ferrero or Anna Maria Isabella Guerra is an Italian actor.

She made her debut in 1952 with the film "Gli Angeli del Quartiere" directed by Carlo Borghesio. Ferrero rose to fame in the 1950s and 60s, starring in several successful films such as "Un Amore a Roma" (1960) and "The Thief of Baghdad" (1961). She won the Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress for her role in the 1958 film "Estate Violenta". Ferrero's acting career spanned over 30 years and she appeared in more than 50 films. She was also a frequent guest on Italian television shows. Ferrero retired from acting in the late 1980s and focused on her family and personal life.

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Ilaria Occhini

Ilaria Occhini (March 28, 1934 Florence-) also known as Isabella Redi is an Italian actor and entrepreneur. Her child is called Alexandra La Capria.

Ilaria Occhini began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, starring in Italian films and TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s. Her notable works include the films "La Lupa" (1953) and "Estate Violenta" (1959).

In addition to her acting career, Occhini also ventured into entrepreneurship. She founded a successful chain of Italian restaurants in the United States, called "Il Giardino", in the 1980s. She also authored a cookbook featuring Italian recipes, titled "Il Giardino: A Collection of Recipes".

Occhini's daughter, Alexandra La Capria, is also involved in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter and author.

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Ornella Vanoni

Ornella Vanoni (September 22, 1934 Milan-) also known as Vanoni Ornella, Omela Vanoni or Vanoni, Ornella is an Italian singer and actor. She has one child, Cristiano Ardenzi .

Born in Milan, Ornella Vanoni started her career in the early 1960s as a singer and quickly became popular in Italy with hits such as "Una Ragione Di Più" and "L'Appuntamento". She also ventured into acting, appearing in a number of films during the 1970s and 1980s. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with a number of prominent artists and musicians, including Gino Paoli, Ennio Morricone, and Chico Buarque. In 2004, she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sanremo Music Festival, recognizing her contributions to Italian music. Besides her successful career in entertainment, Ornella Vanoni is also known for her philanthropic work and activism in support of social causes such as human rights and environmental protection.

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Anna Maria Guarnieri

Anna Maria Guarnieri (August 20, 1934 Milan-) also known as Annamaria Guarnier or Annamaria Guarnieri is an Italian actor and voice actor.

She began her acting career in the 1950s, appearing in films such as "Al diavolo la celebrità" and "Guendalina." Guarnieri went on to become a prolific voice actor, dubbing over the voices of notable actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in Italian versions of their films. She also appeared in several television series throughout her career, including "Le avventure di Laura Storm" and "La piovra." In addition to her acting work, she also taught acting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Guarnieri has received several awards for her work, including the "Mimì Aguglia" award for best supporting actress from the Accademia delle Arti e del Disegno in Catania.

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Maria Carta

Maria Carta (June 24, 1934 Siligo-September 22, 1994 Rome) was an Italian singer and actor.

Carta was known for her powerful voice and her deep connection to her Sardinian roots, which influenced her music and acting career. She began her professional singing career in the mid-1950s, performing in clubs and theaters throughout Italy. In the 1960s, she gained national recognition for her role in the film "La ragazza di Bube" (Bebo's Girl) for which she also sang the soundtrack.

Throughout her career, Carta collaborated with many renowned Italian musicians such as composer Ennio Morricone and singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André. She also performed at prestigious venues including the Teatro alla Scala and the Sanremo Music Festival. In addition to her music career, Carta also acted in several films and television dramas.

Carta was widely recognized as a symbol of Sardinian identity and culture, and her legacy has been honored with various tributes and memorials. In 1995, a year after her death from cancer, a cultural center was established in her name in her hometown of Siligo.

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Dominique Boschero

Dominique Boschero (April 27, 1934 Paris-) a.k.a. D. Boschero or Dominique Bosquero is an Italian actor.

She began her acting career in the mid-1950s and went on to star in over 50 films throughout her career. She is perhaps best known for her roles in the films "Orgasmo" (1969), "Forgotten Pistolero" (1969), and "Love in Rome" (1960), among others. Boschero also appeared in several French and German films during the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to her work in film, she also acted in several Italian television series and was a frequent guest on popular Italian talk shows. Boschero retired from acting in the 1980s and has since focused on her work as a painter and artist.

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Edy Campagnoli

Edy Campagnoli (June 12, 1934 Milan-February 6, 1995 Milan) also known as Edda Campagnoli or La valletta muta was an Italian model, actor, businessperson and tv personality. She had one child, Patricia Buffon.

Campagnoli began her career as a model in the 1950s, and quickly rose to fame in Italy, known for her beauty and style. She made her acting debut in the 1960s, appearing in several spaghetti westerns and Italian films.

Aside from her entertainment career, Campagnoli also ventured into business, opening a high-end boutique in Milan in the 1970s that catered to celebrities and wealthy clients.

In the 1980s, Campagnoli became a fixture on Italian television, hosting a popular game show and appearing as a guest on talk shows. She was known for her quick wit and engaging personality.

Despite her success, Campagnoli faced personal struggles, including a battle with cancer. She passed away in 1995 at the age of 60, leaving behind a legacy as one of Italy's most beloved and talented personalities.

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