Italian movie actresses born in the year 1946

Here are 8 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1946:

Sylvia Poggioli

Sylvia Poggioli (May 19, 1946 Providence-) otherwise known as Sylvia Paggioli is an Italian journalist and actor.

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Silvia Monti

Silvia Monti (January 23, 1946 Venice-) also known as Silvia Cornacchia is an Italian actor.

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Stefania Sandrelli

Stefania Sandrelli (June 5, 1946 Viareggio-) is an Italian actor. Her children are called Amanda Sandrelli and Vito Pende.

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Luciana Turina

Luciana Turina (August 13, 1946 Roverbella-) is an Italian actor and singer.

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Caterina Caselli

Caterina Caselli (April 10, 1946 Sassuolo-) also known as Caselli, Caterina, Caterina Caselli Sugar or Casco d'oro is an Italian singer, actor, record producer and presenter.

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Olimpia Carlisi

Olimpia Carlisi (December 29, 1946 Campi Bisenzio-) is an Italian actor.

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Katia Ricciarelli

Katia Ricciarelli (January 18, 1946 Rovigo-) a.k.a. Ricciarelli, Katia or Catiuscia Mariastella Ricciarelli is an Italian singer and actor.

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Athina Cenci

Athina Cenci (March 13, 1946 Kos-) is an Italian actor and politician.

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