Italian movie actresses born in the year 1956

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1956:

Laura Morante

Laura Morante (August 21, 1956 Santa Fiora-) is an Italian actor and film director. She has two children, Agnese Claisse and Eugenia Costantini.

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Lilli Carati

Lilli Carati (September 23, 1956 Varese-October 21, 2014) otherwise known as Lili Carati, Ileana Caravati, Ileana Carenati, Lilly Karat or Lilly Carati was an Italian pornographic film actor and actor.

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Veronica Lario

Veronica Lario (July 19, 1956 Bologna-) also known as Miriam Raffaella Bartolini is an Italian actor. Her children are called Eleonora Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi and Luigi Berlusconi.

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Monica Scattini

Monica Scattini (February 1, 1956 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

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Mirella D'Angelo

Mirella D'Angelo (August 16, 1956 Rome-) otherwise known as Mirella Dangelo is an Italian actor.

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Daniela Poggi

Daniela Poggi (October 17, 1956 Savona-) otherwise known as Daniela Levy is an Italian actor.

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Giulio Scarpati

Giulio Scarpati (February 20, 1956 Rome-) is an Italian actor and teacher. Her children are called Edoardo Scarpati and Lucia Scarpati.

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