Italian movie actresses born in the year 1964

Here are 15 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1964:

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci (September 30, 1964 Città di Castello-) also known as Monica Anna Maria Bellucci or Bellucci is an Italian actor and fashion model. She has two children, Deva Cassel and Léonie Cassel.

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Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei (December 4, 1964 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Tomei, Marisa is an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (November 16, 1964 Turin-) also known as Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Valeria Bruni or Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi is an Italian actor, film director, screenwriter and film editor. She has one child, Celine Garrel.

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Francesca Neri

Francesca Neri (February 10, 1964 Trento-) is an Italian actor and film producer. Her child is called Rocco Amendola.

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Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli (June 28, 1964 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

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Isabella Ferrari

Isabella Ferrari (March 31, 1964 Ponte dell'Olio-) also known as Isabella Fogliazza is an Italian actor. She has three children, Teresa Osti, Nina De Maria and Giovanni De Maria.

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Cristina D'Avena

Cristina D'Avena (July 6, 1964 Bologna-) a.k.a. D'Avena, Cristina is an Italian singer and actor.

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Amanda Sandrelli

Amanda Sandrelli (October 31, 1964 Lausanne-) also known as Amanda Paoli is an Italian actor and film director. Her children are called Rocco Roca-Rey and Francisco Roca-Rey.

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Angela Baraldi

Angela Baraldi (June 12, 1964 Borgo Panigale-) is an Italian actor and singer.

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Raffaella Baracchi

Raffaella Baracchi (March 25, 1964 Turin-) is an Italian actor. Her child is called Salomé Bene.

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Luciana Littizzetto

Luciana Littizzetto (October 29, 1964 Turin-) is an Italian actor, writer and voice actor.

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Fabiana Udenio

Fabiana Udenio (December 21, 1964 Buenos Aires-) also known as Fabina Udenio is an Italian actor. She has one child, Adrian Raice McLeod.

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Antonella Ponziani

Antonella Ponziani (February 29, 1964 Rome-) also known as Bella Antonella Ponziani is an Italian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Nancy Brilli

Nancy Brilli (April 10, 1964 Rome-) otherwise known as Nicoletta Brilli or Nancy Nicoletta Lina Ortensia Brilli is an Italian actor. She has one child, Francesco Manfredi.

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Milly D'Abbraccio

Milly D'Abbraccio (November 3, 1964 Avellino-) also known as Emilia Cuciniello or Milly Mou is an Italian pornographic film actor and actor.

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