Italian movie actresses died when they were 79

Here are 4 famous actresses from Italy died at 79:

Rossana Podestà

Rossana Podestà (June 20, 1934 Tripoli-December 10, 2013 Rome) a.k.a. Rossana Podesta, Carla Podestà or Carla Dora Podestà was an Italian actor. She had two children, Stefano Vicario and Francesco Vicario.

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Maria Caserini

Maria Caserini (April 5, 1890 Milan-April 15, 1969 Milan) a.k.a. Maria Gasperini, Maria Caserini-Gasperini, Maria Caserini Gasperini, Maria Caserini Gasparini or Maria Gasparini was an Italian actor.

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Sandra Mondaini

Sandra Mondaini (September 1, 1931 Milan-September 21, 2010 Milan) also known as Mondaini, Sandra or Alessandrina Mondaini was an Italian actor and presenter. Her children are Raymond Vianello and John Mark Vianello.

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Elsa Merlini

Elsa Merlini (July 26, 1903 Trieste-February 22, 1983 Rome) otherwise known as Elsa Tscheliesnig was an Italian actor and singer.

She died caused by neoplasm.

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